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Thank you for visiting my blog, my window to the online world. Here, you may know a little more about me by reading my posts. I would love to receive your comments and feedback to help me improve and be corrected. My main interests are in missiology, history and theology of mission, theories and methods in evangelization, Early Church, and world Christianity. I don’t claim specialization or expertise in any thing. However, I’m grateful that over the past three decades, the Lord has used me to serve as a missiologist, church planter, pastor, a seminary professor. I also lead an indigenous mission and a church planting movement for reaching the unreached with the Gospel. My main gifting is teaching, training, and motivating for missions. I am available, either in person or virtual, to help your church/mission/ministry for:

  • Consultation and advising in cross-cultural missions,
  • Consulting in moving toward becoming a missional church rather than a church with just a missions committee,
  • Training short-term mission workers or youth groups in the area of culture and faith and the best biblical practices before, during, and after the short term missions abroad.
  • Speaking, motivating, or training your missions committee,
  • Training on cultural and racial inclusiveness and diversity,
  • Speaking at your missions conference/week/mission Sunday.

Thank you and blessings!

Vinod John, PhD

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