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Advent Devotionals 2014

CandlesDecember 1, 2014.

Hi friends,
I’m returning to blogging here after a long time. Bur what’s the best time to return to writing than the Advent season! I’m hoping to write a short daily devotional for all the days of the Advent Season 2014 and covet your prayers and feedback for the same.

The word Advent derives from the Latin ad venire or adventus, which means to come. It has been used to refer to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to this earth and is associated with the celebrations that go with his birth—the Word becoming flesh. The season of Advent calls for a reflection on the prophecies of the coming Messiah and in the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament with the birth of Emmanuel—God with us.
What strikes me most about the birth of Jesus Christ is his humble beginning. When God could have easily chosen an aristocratic Jewish family from Jerusalem or a royal palace for the birth of His beloved Son, He, instead chose Joseph, a carpenter, and Mary, an ordinary teenager from a small town of Nazareth. This small village was so insignificant in the history of Israel that the Jewish people believed: “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” (John 1: 46 NIV). Nothing good was ever expected from such a small place and from such an ordinary young couple. And yet, God proved everyone wrong by choosing Joseph and Mary from Nazareth. And from this point onwards, the journey had not been an easy one for both or for their families. It involved the utmost exercise of faith and obedience to their God and His calling on their lives. I’m often amazed at how Mary and Joseph endured such hardship and scorn of their faith in God as teenagers. What an example for the teenagers in our day who also face similar challenges! Not only for teenagers but also there are millions of followers of Christ around the world who live daily in persecution and sufferings for sake of Christ Jesus. May this Advent season, the example of Joseph and Mary guide us all. If you feel insignificant and forsaken today, may the humble beginning of Jesus Christ, our Savior, encourage you and lead you to trust God and His purposes for your life. Rest assured in this fact that God only desires well for you and yours and He has the best for your future.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of Advent 2015. I hope you’ll pray for me during this season that I may have a deeper encounter with Jesus in His Word and may share that with you daily in the coming days.

Come Lord Jesus!

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