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Objectives for the module

Instructional Theory, Fall 2009

Topic: Dalit Theology: Methodology and Themes in a Contextual Theology of India

By Vinod John

My objectives


To have an overview of Indian social context and the contours of an emerging Dalit theology coming out of it.


To be able to comprehend the rationale and necessity of Dalit theology as a contextual theology for Indian realities.


To be able to demonstrate how Dalit theology meets the requirements of a contextual, local theology in India.


To be able to analyze the differences between Dalit theology’s methods and themes with other theologies.

To be able to classify Dalit theology’s methods and themes with accepted norms of doing theology.


To be able to combine the specific methods and themes of Dalit theology with other contextual theologies to see how contextual theologies use context for the articulation of faith.


To be able to evaluate Dalit theology as a legitimate contextual expression of Christian faith in the Dalit context.

To be able to assess Dalit theology’s method of doing theology and the emerging themes from the perspective of global theology.

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